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What do I need to bring to my quilting retreat at The Old Laravale School?

The short answer is not much ...

Just your sewing supplies, personal items and food.

Honestly, you need as much room as possible in your car for your sewing & quilting supplies so I have included as many thoughtful things as I can in Willmann House and the Errisvale workrooms so that you have more room to pack your essentials.

Your beds are made (and you don't even have to strip them before you leave).

Bath towels, hand towels and kitchen towels are included.

So is shampoo, conditioner, body wash and dishwashing supplies.

The kitchen is fully set up for retreat groups to self cater.

You can cook from scratch or simply reheat meals you've made at home.

There's 2x fridges, frypans, pots & pans, electric rice cooker, slow cooker, microwave, coffee machine (Aldi pods), milk warmer/frother, sandwich press, toaster, BBQ.

And if you want a night off from cooking you can book our hands on pizza dinner.

What's included in the Pantry?

Local cheese, milk & jam

Fresh bread



Salt & pepper

Cooking oil & spray oil

Assorted condiments

Paper towel, serviettes, toilet paper, tissues

Cleaning supplies

Mossie coils & sprays

Basic first aid kit

A selection of teas, coffees & sugar - Aldi pod coffee machine

Organic shampoo, conditioner, hand & body wash, sanitiser


Garbage bags

Washing up supplies

Ice and cold water in the fridge

Gladwrap, alfoil, baking paper

So what does that leave?

Your food

1x table each

Spare tables

3x cutting tables

2x irons & ironing boards

Daylight lamp

Pressing cloth/baking paper

Power cords & extension leads

Mini rubbish bins

2x large cutting mats

Assorted cutting rulers

Spare rotary cutter

Reverse cycle Air-conditioning & ceiling fans

Smoke detectors

Kitchenette with microwave, full-size fridge, tea & coffee making supplies

Bluetooth speaker

Wifi connection

So what do I bring?

Your own sewing project & supplies, and food.

See? I told you not to bring much 😊😊😊

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